Want  a drawing done of your car, pet, kid etc?

Pricing Info (in CAD$):

These prices are the BASE price for 1 subject (pet/car/etc) with minimal to no background.  Other sizes available on request.  This also does not include matting, framing or shipping (if needed).

  •  Scratchboard (see “What is Scratchboard?” for more info)
    • 5×7 – $240
    • 8×10 – $350
    • 9×12 – $400
    • 11×14 – $500
  • Pencil (Black pencil on light coloured paper, usually white or cream but other options available)
    • 5×7 – $150
    • 8×10 – $250
    • 9×12 – $300
    • 11×14 – $350
  • Coloured Pencils & Pen & Ink also available (similar pricing to Scratchboard)

The Process & Payments:

  1. Choose Your Photo(s):
    1. You can choose one of your own photos, or I can come and take photos of the subject for you (if you live near Guelph).  Photos MUST be yours, or you must have written permission from the photographer if they are not, or I can not use them.
    2. When choosing your photos there are a few things to keep in mind:  Your subject(s) must be the main focus in the photograph, and needs to be well lit and clear (ie: can you see the reflection in the dog’s eyes or in the chrome of the car bumper?)
    3. For pets and people – the photo must be a true likeness of them (it sounds weird, but ever have that photo that you look at and think “that doesn’t really look like them?” yeah, you don’t want those).  If I don’t know the subject, then the only thing I have to go on is the photo – I draw what I see.
    4. If unsure, send me a few photos and I can tell you what may or may not work.
  2. Design Mock-Up:
    1. Once you have chosen your photos, I will put it/them into Photoshop and create a layout for the artwork (usually I create 2 or 3 options)
    2. I will email you the design(s) and hopefully you will like one of them.  Please pay attention to whether it looks like the subject and if you like the layout as some mediums can NOT be changed once I start
  3. Price agreement and Deposit
    1. Once we have both agreed upon a design, I will give you a final quote for the total cost of the drawing.
    2. I require a deposit of 50% before I start drawing (PayPal or eTransfer are best but can be determined at the time).  If you are a repeat customer, I may skip the deposit.
  4. Completion Approval
    1. When I have completed the drawing, I will scan or photograph it and email you a copy.  Minor changes may be possible at this time, but hopefully you’ll be happy the first time.
    2. Final payment is to be made and we can arrange delivery or shipping.

If you have any further questions or want more info please contact me

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